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All these tips are perfect for air duct cleaning.

All you need to do is discover them all here!

Use duct mastic for repairs

Duct mastic is a highly preferred material for sealing joints and seams in ducts. They are also quite durable than any other type of tape available and are very easy to use. Use this type of tape if you intend to repair any damages on your own.

Consider insulation factors

For homeowners with basements in their home, an insulated duct can result in a colder basement. Experts from La Crescenta suggest homeowners to consider insulating both the ducts and the basement walls. This is due to the danger of water pipes freezing and bursting as a result of insulated heating ducts.

Turn on a fan

When cleaning your air ducts, dust and dirt is released. These make their way into your home. Our experts advise keeping a fan on to move the dust along. Set the thermostat to “fan on” and turn off the “heat/cool” mode. If there is no fan-only option, running the heat can be an alternative.

Purchased a new home?

Some people may want to have their ducts clean upon moving into a new home. After all, who wants to inhale someone else’s dirt or pet dander? Having the air ducts cleaned can give you piece of mind as you settle into your new home knowing that everything is clean and working well.

Consider air duct cleaning right after the peak pollen season

This will help you to ensure that the amount of pollen that's circulated around your house by the HVAC system will be way below the safe minimum. This is how you can protect everyone in your household from this powerful allergen which causes sneezing, coughing, watery eyes and many other symptoms which are equally unpleasant.

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