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Indoor Air Quality

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Indoor Air Quality La Crescenta is a leading name in air quality testing and related solutions. We cater to residential as well as commercial customers. The following services are provided by us in relation to air quality testing: Insulation services, carbon monoxide detectors, house humidifiers, indoor air purifying, thermostats, whole house dehumidifiers, air duct cleaning services and UV light air cleaners. It is recommended by experts that air duct cleaning be performed in a building every 5 to 7 years. But this figure is dependent on things like the number of people that are usually present in the building, are there any pets inside the building and do people frequently smoke indoors.Indoor Air Quality

Recent studies have revealed that in an average American household or office setting in that case, the atmosphere indoors is more polluted as compared to the atmosphere outside. For air conditioner ducts we use the HEPA VAC which is specially meant for this purpose. By the use of this technology all the hidden germs and mold inside the ducts are wiped out. It is common knowledge among electronic appliance user these days that many of the appliances give out carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is a toxic gas which has no smell and also no color. It is hard to detect and very dangerous to human health if inhaled excessively. For the timely detection of this gas, our company installs carbon monoxide detectors at your premises. This device ensures that an alarm is sounded whenever the carbon monoxide reaches levels which are considered a threat to human health.

Another useful method for air quality control is the use of a thermostat.

Through this device the temperature inside any building can be controlled. Our technicians ensure that once the thermostat is ensured and once you know how to use it, the temperature is controlled automatically. For instance the thermostat adjusts the temperature inside without any human intervention when it detects that the temperature outside is changing and thus saves you the hassle of changing the temperature again and again. Apart from this another effective way of indoor air cleaning methods is the new technology of UV light air cleaner. It is an ultraviolet lamp which radiates rays inside the air ducts and vents so that the bacteria and fungi residing there are eradicated in a manner which is not in any way harmful to human health. These systems are highly popular in hospital buildings because the germs that are left in the air by the patients, often find residence in the air ducts. This can pose a potential health hazard to the hospital staff, visitors and the other patients. We have successfully installed such systems in many buildings.

Has it ever happened with you that when you are indoors that you have felt that there is some kind of odor in the air which is persistent and the walls are sticky plus you have a kind of sticky feeling on your skin too? If this is the case than this means there is too much humidity inside and you need a whole house dehumidifier to control the situation according to your need. This system reduces the amount of water vapors that are present in the air. We have expert technicians who are experienced in installing this system. Whenever you need us just give us a call.

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