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If you haven’t found the answers for your air duct questions yet, you can find them right here. Don't get puzzled around duct issues! Read which parts of the system must be kept clean and the easiest way to clean air filters.

Which part of the air duct system should be cleaned?

Experts have determined that there are three important parts that should be cleaned as much as possible. These three parts are the supply and return grills, the surface interior of the vents and the furnace or air-conditioner air handler.

How should the air duct’s filtering system be cleaned?

The best method for cleaning HVAC systems is the source removal method. This involves placing the system under negative pressure using a specialized power vacuum, and then inserting devices into the ducts to dislodge any debris.

Will air duct cleaning make a difference to air quality?

It surely will. Don't forget that some buildings are ventilated through ducts only. The dust and dirt transferred along the air from the ventilation and HVAC system will accumulate if not removed from the ducts. Air duct cleaning is definitely critical.

Is it possible to avoid mold growth?

Mold grows in warm and moist environments. Keeping the humidity low and the temperatures at the cooler levels will lessen the chances of mold growth in air ducts. If the surroundings are generally clean, it also lessens the chance of mold growth.

How often should I clean the air ducts?

This depends on a set of factors. The first one is the local climate and flora. If the area is dry and there are high levels of dust in the air or there is high pollen production for long periods of time, more frequent cleaning will be necessary. Families with small children and members with allergic and respiratory conditions will also benefit from getting the air ducts cleaned more often.

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